Why Tankless?

While tankless water heating technology has been in use for decades in Europe and other countries, it is a relative new comer to the United States.   Tankless water heaters, as the name suggests do not rely on having to maintain vast quantities of water, hot.  These heaters take cold water and flash heat it in a matter of seconds to the required temperature.

There are a number of advantages to tankless technology, not the least energy savings.   With a tank type water heater, the heater heats cold water coming into the house to the required temperature.  A tankless heater does this also:  However the similarities end there.


A tank heater must operate occasionally to reheat the water which is naturally cooling.  This occasional operation uses energy, whether electric, gas or oil and is ongoing, even when you are away on vacation or overnight when no one is using hot water.

A tankless heater only operates when a faucet or other fixture is opened and hot water is running, therefore no energy is used when no one is home.


Tankless and tank heaters are rated differently.  Tank heaters are rated by storage capacity and first hour delivery.  Tankless heaters are rated in flow rate, or constant delivery.  A 50 gallon gas tank type heater may deliver 80 gallons (first hour) but will quickly cool off after that as cool water is mixed with the stored hot water inside the heater.   A tankless heater will deliver it’s rated capacity first hour,  second hour or all day if the tap is left open.   Thus many tankless water heater companies use the line “ENDLESS HOT WATER”.


Another advantage of a tankless heater is size.  It takes up a lot of room to store 50 gallons of water.   Tankless heaters hang on a wall and are generally the size of a small carry on type suitcase.   Both tank and tankless heaters are available in gas  (natural or LP) and electric.


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