Save Money with a Water Softener


What are the advantages to a Water Softener?Water softener systems remove calcium and magnesium from your water supply. Your water supply picks up these minerals while traveling through Florida’s sandy soil on its way to the aquifer. Water is very aggressive and will eventually dissolve anything in its path. This calcium and magnesium that’s picked up by your water and delivered to your water supply clings to anything, accumulating build-up on everything your water touches. Removing this build-up will extend the life of your appliances, your clothing and save you money over their 6-10 year life span.


Reverse Osmosis is a water filtration process that gives you…Purest form of drinking water
Removes particles up to .001 microns
Pays for itself in under a year
Better for the environment with no plastic bottle waste

If a 24-case of bottled water is $4.00. That’s $1.27/gallon! Want to know approximately how much Reverse Osmosis water costs per gallon? A PENNY!!! If everyone in your family of 4 drinks the recommended 64oz of water per day, that’s $927 per year in bottled water vs. $7.30 per year with a reverse osmosis! The Reverse Osmosis pays for itself in a little over 8 months!

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