Your Water Heater’s Duration

Hot water is a feature of modern living that most people take for granted. Our plumbing pros at The Pampering Plumber want to stress the importance of preventative maintenance, particularly with respect to your home’s hot water system, to make sure the heated H2O in your house keeps flowing.

Getting the Most out of Your Water Heater

Unfortunately in most households, adjusting the temperature dial from time to time is usually the only attention the water heater gets until something goes awry and an emergency call to a plumber must be made. How long your water heater lasts is contingent on multiple factors, the most crucial of which is how well you take care of it.

Tankless models usually last far longer (up to twice as long) than their traditional tank-outfitted equivalents. These types provide an endless supply of on-demand hot water since they do not rely on a storage system for the heating phase. No tank means less mechanical parts to worry about and ultimately less problems to deal with.

Storage tank units can typically function for up to 15 years without needing major repairs, although this lifespan can be shortened to as little as eight years if routine maintenance is avoided. Tankless water heaters may easily surpass the 20-year mark. For both types, but especially for tank models, the hotter the water temperature, the more wear and tear there is on the heating system. Corrosion rates increase markedly when the recommended 130-degree temperature mark is surpassed, especially in areas where hard tap water is rampant.

Sediment and mineral deposits should be inspected and removed on a regular basis, so we advise a full system checkup at least once every year. Contact our licensed plumbers in Tampa for a free consultation or to learn more about formulating a preventative maintenance plan today.