Water Heater Expansion Tanks


Did you know that water expands as its temperature is increased?  This could potentially pose a problem when it comes to your water heater tank and the build up of pressure that is caused by this expansion.


A thermal expansion tank is designed to help relieve this pressure.  By doing so, you can extend the life of your tank-type water heater.  Many times, if the water being supplied to your home is at a higher PSI – it can exacerbate the already problematic thermal expansion issue creating a  necessity of installing an expansion tank.  A thermal expansion tank is often recommended by water heater manufacturers in order to alleviate any warranty issues on the front-end.


The thermal expansion tank does require minor maintenance.  At installation, the tank is pressurized to the same PSI that is being supplied to the home.  The water supplied to the home can fluctuate in pressure and the tank can lose its pressurization over time.  It will need to be periodically tested to insure it is at the proper PSI.


If you have a thermal expansion tank and you are unsure if it is working properly, please feel free to give us a call at The Pampering Plumber, 727-232-8400