Update your Bathroom with a New Faucet

Is your bathroom in need of some pizazz?  Are you ready to do away with those old, outdated faucets? Changing out your faucets can make a dramatic difference in your bathroom, giving it modern appeal. Your Pampering Plumber plumbing service can offer you an array of design choices to choose from.

Design and Style

There are many different faucet designs available to choose from. Some give a more old-fashioned, vintage look, while others are sleek and modern or elegant in design. Pampering Plumber can point you to the right showroom where you can view all of your options. While keeping in mind your personal taste and lifestyle, as well as other design choices in your bathroom, you’ll be able to check out an array of products in the supplier’s showrooms.  With the helpful suggestions from Pampering Plumber, you are sure to find a faucet that fits your home’s style perfectly.


The days of boring faucets that all looked alike are over. There are many finishes that are available that can fit your overall design preferences. For example, a very popular choice is the matte finish; there are also different metal looks such as gold, silver, copper and bronze. The most popular choice continues to be chrome.


Before getting serious in your search for a new faucet, decide on your budget. If you are budgeting less than $100, you will find that most of your choices are for a center-set faucet. If you are looking at the $100 to $500 range, your choices become more varied and include quality wide-spread faucets and even faucets that are motion activated.

Then there are the $500 and up options. These consist of the top-of-the-line designs that have all the bells and whistles. These designs will add a luxurious feel to your bathroom. Your Pampering Plumber professional will help you find a perfect faucet that will fit within your budget.

Something as simple as the bathroom faucet can add that extra kick to your overall design, pulling together the look that are you trying to achieve. Give Pampering Plumber a call, and we will help you make the best choice to suit your needs.