Trouble Shooting Tips for Garbage Disposals

If your garbage disposal stops operating, try the following trouble-shooting tips before calling a professional:

A disposal wrench is usually provided with your unit to repair any potential jams that may occur. This wrench can be found in a pouch on the side of the disposal or in your kitchen drawer. There is a female receptor for the wrench at the bottom of the unit. Place the wrench in the receptor and turn it counter-clockwise until it rotates freely.

Press the reset button located at the bottom of the disposal and it should once again operate properly.

Be sure there is power running to the disposal.

Most disposals are manufactured to grind scrapings from plates, not mounds of food. Do not overload your disposal by throwing large batches of potato peels, cornhusks, or celery (due to the stringy consistency) into your disposal.

If your garbage disposal is starting to give off a foul odor, try grinding a few citrus peels such as orange or lemon rinds. This will help neutralize the odor

In order to keep your grinding blades sharp, throw a few pieces of ice down the garbage disposal while running, this will help “sharpen” the blades.

If these simple steps do not correct the problem it may be time to replace your garbage disposal. The Pampering Plumber is a Certified Insinkerator Pro-Circle Installer, and can help you find the right disposal for you.