Top Reasons to Consider Calling a Re-piping Specialist

First-world country residents are spoiled when it comes to water supply in their homes. When we turn on our faucets, we expect water to come out – it’s that simple.

Many homeowners don’t give a second thought about the plumbing systems in their homes, that is, until they start experiencing water problems. Sometimes it takes longer for the water to flow, while at other times, the flow comes as a trickle instead of the normal healthy gush we have come to expect.

Below are three reasons you should think about calling us here at Pampering Plumber to find out whether or not the plumbing system in your home needs to be re-piped.

Impeded Water Flow

The common culprit behind a slowdown in your water flow is scale formation in your pipes. Over time, mineral buildup accumulates on the inside of the pipes, decreasing its diameter and impeding the normal flow of water. Sometimes you can remedy the situation by replacing only the blocked pipes. However, if you discover widespread scaling, it may be time to consider a complete overhaul of your plumbing system.

Recurring Leaks

Metal pipes naturally corrode over time. This can lead to pinhole leaks that can affect water flow throughout your house. When left undiscovered or unchecked, even tiny water leaks can cause big problems down the line.

Repairing water damage to your home can be very costly. Most homeowners spend between $2,000 to $3,000 in repairs, depending on the extent of the damage and the size of their homes. Catching leaks early is the key to preventing a huge repair bill later on. However, after three or four leak repairs, re-piping may be your only long-term option.

Major Renovation

If you’re planning a big remodeling project that includes your kitchen and one or all of the bathrooms in your house, it may be worthwhile to re-pipe your entire system at the same time. The last thing you want to do is dig up a newly renovated portion of your house to deal with leaking pipes. Ultimately, re-piping can end up saving you money when you do the work at the same time as a remodeling project in your home.

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