Tips To Save Water This Summer

Everyone wants to do their part to conserve water even if it’s just to save on their water bills. Summer can be a particularly difficult time to do this though, because the heat means we need to use more water to keep our plants alive and ourselves clean. Our experienced plumbers have a few tips on how you can save water despite the heat this summer.

Water Your Plants at Night

During the summer, plants need a little extra water to stay green and lively. However, if you water them in the middle of the day, much of the water you are trying to get them to absorb ends up evaporating instead. Our licensed plumbers in Tampa explain that watering them at night before you go to bed will give them the maximum time to soak up water from the ground without the sun’s rays evaporating it.

Drip Irrigate

You can also conserve water in the yard by using a drip irrigation system to water your plants. Our Tampa plumbing service contractors explain that you can make your own drip irrigation system by simply making small holes in a lawn hose, placing the hose near plants you wish to water, and turning it on at a trickle. The hose will drip water on your plants throughout the night, giving them the water they need without wasting.

Reuse Water

It may seem a little crazy, but did you know that you can reuse water? Used, or “gray,” water is often great for the plants in your garden or home. Consider saving the water after you boil food like pasta or eggs, steam veggies, or make tea or coffee. Let the water cool to room temperature, then use it to water your plants. If you really want to save on water, our Tampa plumbers recommend putting a bucket in your shower to catch the water as you wait for a good temperature.

Turn Off the Shower

During the summer, you can save water by turning off the shower while you soap up. The warm weather makes it much easier to do this in summer because the room will stay warm and the water will too. Tampa hot water heaters also use a lot of energy to operate, so you will save money by not using as much hot water.

Throw Away Instead of Flushing

Another easy way to save on water is to throw trash away in a trash can instead of flushing it down the toilet. We know how tempting it is to flush a tissue, but you waste several gallons of water each time.