Tips on Avoiding Stoppages

Please avoid disposing of hair, grease, paper towels, wet wipes, and feminine hygiene products through your plumbing system. These items have been known to cause stoppages and can damage your system.

A simple household plunger will relieve most stoppages. If the blockage proves impossible to clear, please consult our customer service department, as the problem could be more than a simple stoppage.

To keep your bathtub, and lavatory drains free of hair and soap residue, remove your tub stopper, and turn the stopper counter-clockwise until it comes out. Remove any hair or soap residue and replace by turning clockwise to reinstall. To remove your lavatory pop-up, first, make certain that all water has been drained from the sink. Under the lavatory, you will see where the pop-up rod connects to the drain line tailpiece. Loosen the nut and push the rod down so the drain plug rises, enabling you to grasp it. Pull the rod out so that you can remove the plug. Remove the debris that has collected to return proper drainage to your sink.