Tips To Avoid DIY Plumbing Problems

Every homeowner dreams of being able to tackle any household repair or project without needing to contact a professional. Some people have the handyman skills to tackle basic tasks, but large do-it-yourself projects pose greater challenges and bring with them bigger risks.

The Tampa plumbers at The Pampering Plumber want to remind you to never attempt a repair job if you are not confident you can handle it solo. Can it be difficult to swallow your pride and pick up the phone? Definitely, but consider the cost of your investment. Will it be in your best interest from a financial (and mental) standpoint to pay a professional? Sometimes it is just the better choice to use an expert, especially since we have been called upon numerous times to correct Tampa plumbing damage done by inexperienced home and business owners.

Here are some tips for avoiding serious damage to your plumbing while attempting to do it yourself.

DIY Tampa Plumbing Tips

You cannot expect to perform any plumbing repair without having a working knowledge of the basic parts, supplies, and concepts. Familiarize yourself with your home’s plumbing system before delving into the job.

Shut-off valves serve a very simple yet important purpose, and that is to stop the flow of water in your plumbing lines. Regardless of what project you are tackling (e.g. a leaky faucet, clogged toilet, etc.), knowing the exact location of these valves and what device they control is vital. In most houses, the majority of these can be found by the water main and the individual fixtures within the home. Depending on how your home’s Tampa plumbing system was laid out, some valves may be hidden behind specialty access panels. The main shut-off valve is the most important, and there is usually one inside and outside near the water meter.

Although many newer homes use PVC for their plumbing lines, copper systems are still very popular. To perform quick joint fixes and add valves, you will want to buy a small torch, flux, solder, and copper tubing. This is an essential plumbing toolkit for everything from quick fixes to retrofits. Clean the copper pipe, add some flux, heat the joint and finish with the solder.

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