Taking Care of Your Garbage Disposal: Holiday Edition

It’s that time of year again!  Don’t overwork your garbage disposal or you may cause them to wear out, get clogged, etc. Here’s some tips on what NOT to do with your garbage disposal when entertaining this Holiday season.


Avoid putting any grease or oil down the disposal.  It could solidify inside the drain, causing a potential clog.
Don’t put potato or squash peels down the garbage disposal. They tend to get stuck within the drain and could potentially cause a stoppage or cause your sink to drain very slowly.
Avoid putting rice or pasta down the garbage disposal.  The rice and pasta could potentially expand within the drain.
Don’t put fibrous materials such as celery, corn husks, etc.  They could get stuck around the blade, causing the disposal to jam and potentially wear our your motor.

We all know that it can be chaotic when entertaining in your home for the holiday’s, so make sure you have The Pampering Plumber’s phone number just in case you run into any problems! We service the entire Tampa Bay area and have a professional, highly qualified on call for emergency scenarios 24/7/365. Visit pamperingplumber.com or call 727-232-8400