Signs of a Ruptured Water Line

Without the water line that brings in fresh water to your home from the municipal system, you do not have any kind of plumbing system at all — you just have empty pipes running air. If the water line ruptures, you could lose running water to your home entirely, and you certainly will lose significant money due to all of the water that will end up wasted.

Our licensed plumbers want you to be able to catch a ruptured water line as quickly as possible, so they’ve come up with a list of signs to look out for. If you see any of these signs, call our Tampa plumbing service immediately!

Water Puddles in Your Yard

Unexplainable puddles and wet spots in your yard are often the first sign that a pipe has broken underground. Our Tampa commercial plumbing experts note that you should not be as concerned about puddles that you can explain. Heavy rain and sprinkler systems can leave puddles on your lawn without there being an issue with your plumbing.

Water Visibly Gushing

If you see water visibly rising up out of your lawn or through the sidewalk, your water line has probably burst. This can be as mild as some bubbling or as violent as water erupting and gushing from the ground, but either way, it is an emergency, and you need to call a Tampa plumber immediately.

High Water Bills

Even if your water line only has a small rupture or leak, it will still show up as a noticeable difference in your monthly water bill. Keep a close eye on your water each month so that you can identify any sudden rises in usage, especially ones you cannot account for. Typically, a water line leak will cause a drastic rise in your usage (and costs), so be particularly aware of dramatic spikes.

Low Water Pressure

Before you completely lose running water to your home due to a ruptured water line, your water pressure will begin to drop. This drop will be universal throughout your home. Whenever your water pressure drops, it’s time to call a plumber.

Water Appears Contaminated

Because water lines bring fresh water to your home, a busted water line can often bring water in that has a brownish tint to it or contains sediment. This happens when dirt enters the pipe, and it can be a sign of a rupture. It is also possible that issues with the municipal supply can cause discolorations of your water, but it’s far better to call us to make sure it isn’t your water line than to find out the hard way that it is.