Shut-Off Your Water if You Plan on Being Away

If you plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time, or should otherwise need to close down the water supply, please do so via the main water shut off. Your shut off should be located in the garage or on the side of your home where the main water service enters the dwelling. In addition, each individual fixture in your home, with the exception of the hose bibs, has a shut off. Most homes will have “Accor” or white plastic shut offs, which you simply pull out to shut off and push in to turn back on. If you have brass shut offs in your home, just turn counter-clockwise to shut off. Water closet shut offs are located near the floor to the side of the bowl. Kitchen sink and lavatory shut offs are located in the cabinet under the fixture, and washing machine shut offs can be located either in your utility room or garage.

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