Save Money with These Plumbing Solutions

Cutting back your home’s water usage may be easier than you think. Being conservative not only helps lighten the load on your wallet, but it also greatly reduces your environmental footprint. Every day, millions of gallons are wasted due to irresponsibility and carelessness. It is about time we all get serious about our Tampa plumbing expenses.

Did you know that if every household in the United States installed water-efficient appliances and fixtures, it would save 3 trillion gallons of water and nearly $20 billion per year? That is a lot of water and money that could be put to better use, so do your part by following this sound H2O-saving advice.

How To Conserve Your Water

A low-flow toilet is probably one of the best things you can put in your home. High-efficiency, ultra-low-flush models use the least amount of water per flush (1.28 gallons on average compared to 3-5 gallons for conventional toilets). It may not seem like much, but when you consider the number of times your family flushes each day, the costs definitely do add up.

Additionally, dual-flush types come equipped with two flush modes, one for liquid waste and the other for solids. The U.S. has lagged in making this technology go mainstream. It has been popular in most European countries for many years, but the market is indeed growing. The good news is that thanks to available conversion/retrofit kits, you can install dual-flush systems on any standard toilet, which is much cheaper than having to buy a new one altogether.

For the best in water conservation, composting toilets are a hard bargain to pass up. They use virtually no water, so you can imagine their return on investment. Your trusted Tampa plumbers highly recommend going the composting route if you have the opportunity.

For the average household, showering comprises 20 percent of water usage with some homes using much more. With an ultra-low-flow shower-head, you can realistically get this number down to 5 percent — and that includes an uncompromised stream of water. If someone in your home is notorious for taking longer than average showers, an efficient shower-head is a must!

Your home’s faucets are the third and final water wasting device that needs to be addressed. There are plenty of culprits out there that expend 2.5 gallons per minute. Efficient models reduce this flow rate to 1.5 at the top end. Greater conservation levels can be supplemented with an attached aerator or flow restrictor.

The Tampa plumbing pros at The Pampering Plumber can install any and all of these devices for you to make your home more green and efficient.