Resolving Low Water Pressure Issues at Home

There are few things more annoying than needing to rush out of your house for an important business meeting or returning from a long workout at the gym only to jump in the shower and stand under a trickle of water instead of the refreshing surge that you have come to expect. Barring any construction or repair work that your municipality is carrying out in your area, below are a few things you can do to resolve low water pressure in your house.

Go to the Source

Check the position of your main water valve to make sure it has not been accidentally turned off. Sometimes, valves get loose or slip (through age or carelessness) and are nudged to a semi-shut position. This restricts the amount of water entering your house and can affect the water pressure throughout your home.

Trace the Problem

You may be experiencing low water pressure in isolated areas (like your showerhead) and not everywhere in your house. In this case, cleaning or replacing the aerator will usually solve the problem.

Check for Leaks

A simple way to find out if you have a leak is to turn off the main water valve in your house and note the meter reading. If the reading goes up after two or three hours, you have a leak. You can then check the pipes leading into and inside your house as well as your appliances to determine the source of the leak.

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