Remodeling on the Rise

With a booming economy, an increasing number of homeowners are now able to tackle remodeling projects that once seemed impossible. The housing market is alive and well, which means people are getting ready to dive into seasonal renovation projects.

If you are planning on putting some money into your home and want to make it real-estate worthy, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help maximize your investment. A lot of people tend to naturally gravitate towards cosmetic upgrades, and this is completely understandable. Buyers like houses that are up to date and that feature modern amenities. However, if your home’s “guts” are not up to par, then it will likely stay on the market far longer than you want it to.

Guts Before Glamour

Before tackling any of the aesthetics (we know it’s tempting to swap out those kitchen countertops and cabinets), hire an inspector to assess the condition of the electrical wiring, the plumbing lines, and the insulation. Although these are not considered hot-ticket items by realtors, they are what will sell your house.

Above all, homeowners want a sense of security and peace of mind that they are not going to need to spend thousands in repair costs. Hiring a plumber to fix a burst water pipe can easily cost this much.

Even if you need to sell quickly and do not wish to pour a lot of funds into the property, telling buyers the house has all new wiring and pipes will give you quite a bit of leverage, essentially allowing you to sell for a much higher price.

Other important areas to address include patching mortar and tuck-pointing bricks on older chimneys (to maintain structural integrity), fixing foundation cracks and ensuring the Tampa plumbing fixtures are all in good working condition. New bells and whistles won’t distract from leaky faucets and clogged drains!