What To Ask Your Plumber

You can hardly wait to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen with a new sink, bathtub or shower, but for the majority of homeowners, these kinds of projects are best left to someone who has had extensive experience in the field. Thanks to the Internet, you can find dozens of local plumbing contractors eager to take your next job within seconds, but how do you know which one to hire?

Tampa Plumber Consultation for Beginners

The best plumber is the one that will provide quality work, affordable rates, and have prior experience with similar projects. For simple run-of-the-mill jobs (e.g. installing a new toilet, rerouting a water line, etc.), most any licensed contractor should do the trick. More complex projects such as large-scale remodels or the installation of high-end devices are best left to Tampa plumbing companies with specialty expertise.

Regardless of what your needs may be, taking the time to thoroughly evaluate the plumbers in your area is imperative. Such decisions should never be made in haste. The Pampering Plumber has been contacted numerous times to remedy the wrongs made by sham contractors. Protect your investment and money by researching in advance — it is well worth the effort!

Ask to see a copy of the plumbing company’s license and insurance. The business must have verifiable workers’ compensation insurance if they have four or more employees working for them. This is in adherence with Florida state law and protects you from being sued if one of the laborers happens to be injured on your property.

The same goes for general liability insurance. You may be liable for any third-party accidents that result from work performed by a Tampa plumber on your premises if they lack it.

Another important question to ask is how the business charges for their service. Will the job be paid hourly or as a flat rate? Furthermore, you should be prepared to inquire about any guarantees of service or product/labor warranties the company offers. Do they have a specific timeline as far as part breakage or failure goes?

Any hesitation on the contractor’s end involving these questions should give you the answer of whether or not you should hire them as your Tampa plumber.