How to Properly Unclog a Toilet

When you have a clogged toilet a household plunger will normally do the job. Put the plunger over the hole and attempt to clear the stoppage by working the plunger slowly downward then rapidly up. The key to clearing the stoppage is to attempt to pull the obstruction back into the bowl, not to push it further down which can increase the severity of the blockage. Once the obstruction has been retrieved, you may then manually remove it from the bowl using an appropriate tool and dispose of it accordingly. After disposal you may resume plunging. Once you feel that you have the stoppage relieved, you may flush the toilet. If the toilet did not clear and the water level is rising to possibly overflow, remove the tank lid and push the flapper down. This will stop the toilet from overflowing. Repeat as necessary. If the blockage proves reluctant to clear, we recommend that you consult a professional, as the problem may be more than a simple stoppage.

Is your toilet constantly running?

If water is continually running, it usually means that the water is running over the top of the fill tube. You can repair this with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the tank lid and you will notice the water-measuring device (Ballcock) in the left corner of the tank. The fill tube is in the center of the tank. If the water is running over the fill tube, the ballcock can be adjusted to alleviate the problem. Simply turn the brass screw located in the top center of the ballcock. Start by turning the screw 1/2 turn clockwise. Flush the toilet and see if the water level drops to the black “fill line” located on the pipe in the center of the tank. If not, turn the screw another half turn. If it still continues to run, bend the float arm to allow the ballcock to shut off quicker. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to call The Pampering Plumber.

Cleaning Your Toilet

Do not place any kind of long-term toilet bowl cleaner/tablets in your water closet tank. These products contain chlorine, which will damage tank components, resulting in failure of the water closet flushing system.