How Do Plumbers Detect Leaks?

Sometimes, a leak is obvious. You open up your sink cabinet to find the pipes are dripping or you come home to find water on your floor. However, a leak is often hidden behind the walls of your home or underneath the concrete of your walkway, porch, or even foundation. People usually discover the existence of these leaks only after their water bill starts to skyrocket, which makes them expensive from the start.

It used to be very hard to determine where hard-to-find leaks were. Plumbers in Tampa, Fla., had to infer the exact location of the leak before they could drill through the concrete to access it. These days, modern technology has taken much of the guesswork out of the process to make finding hidden leaks much easier for your Tampa plumbing company and for homeowners.

Sonic Detector

One of the most common leak-detecting methods used by plumbing services is a sonic detector. Sonic detectors can sense the sounds that leaks make through concrete so that the plumber can pinpoint the precise location of the leak. No matter how small a leak is, it will always make some kind of noise, and these detectors are fine-tuned to pick up that noise without needing to dig up the concrete first.

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing is another way that your licensed plumber in Tampa is able to detect leaks without destroying the concrete that hides them. Hydrostatic testing involves having the plumber insert an inflatable ball in the pipeline. The ball is inflated to stop up the pipe, then the system is filled with water. Any line that can’t seem to be filled or that loses water over time is almost guaranteed to be the source of the leak.

Video Cameras

Many of our plumbers like to use tiny video cameras to be able to visually inspect pipes from the inside. These cameras are sent through your pipes on a flexible line or are attached to small sets of wheels so that they can be navigated through the plumbing system. They offer feedback in real time so that your plumber can see exactly where a leak is and whether there is any other trouble lurking in your pipes.

These leak-detecting technologies help us to keep the damage to your concrete to a minimum. They also speed up our ability to find the source of your leak, and they are significantly safer and more accurate than old-fashioned detection methods. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you find your hidden leaks.