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Understanding PEX Piping


Understanding PEX Piping


PEX piping is the newest and best plumbing revolution to come about in a long time. Some of our Tampa plumbers might even say it’s the best thing since the flush toilet! Before you go out and buy a bundle, there are some important things you need to know about its use, benefits, and more.

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Alternative Materials for Line Piping


If you live in an older house, your plumbing lines may need to be replaced sooner than you think. Depending on the type of material used for your water and sewage pipes, leaks can and will occur over time. These may develop gradually or come on unexpectedly, particularly if you live in a region prone to cold winter temperatures.

Since the last thing anyone needs is a burst pipe in the middle of the freezing season, it would serve you well to contact a licensed Tampa plumber to carry out a full service system inspection.

This is not to say by any means that your existing lines are in immediate jeopardy – they very well may have decades of life left. The point is that the only way to know this for sure is to have a detailed assessment completed. Most Tampa plumbers charge between $75-$100 for this service, which is far cheaper than having to replace a damaged water line!

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PEX vs Copper Piping: Which Is the Better Option?

copper pipe

Do your Tampa plumbing lines need to be re-piped? If so, you have probably already begun researching which material is the best to upgrade to. A few options are available, and they each have distinct pros and cons, but the most popular of these are PEX and copper tubing.

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Understanding Copper Piping


For more than three quarters of a century, copper has been the material of choice for Tampa plumbing lines for a number of very important reasons. It is hardly a surprise that a staggering 95 percent of existing homes are outfitted with copper tubing, or that in all-new residential construction, it is still used 80 percent of the time.

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