The Lowdown on Low-flow Toilets

High water bills can be a major annoyance, especially when you unable to locate the source of the problem. Our Tampa plumbers know that sudden spikes in monthly usage are usually indicative of a leaking or broken pipe, so if your bill has been consistently high for an extended period of time (or if the usage in your new home is higher), an inefficient toilet could be at fault.

Your Toilets Could Be Costing You Hundreds

Flushing does not require nearly as much water as most standard toilets use, at least at factory settings. The drain spout on some newer models can be adjusted for minimal flow, but the majority of older toilets are notorious water wasters.

The average per flush rate of seven gallons may not seem a whole lot, but a simple calculation will demonstrate just how much water and money this adds up to. Say the typical family of four flushes the toilets in their home eight times a day (approximately two flushes per person). This equals roughly 3,000 flushes a year.

Take into account the fact that low-flow toilets use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, which is the quantity needed to avoid re-flushing, the difference equals 16,000 gallons of water every year. Granted there are times when a single flush on a low-flow model will not always be efficient, the annual cost-savings are worth stressing.

While homeowners can save between $50 to $100 per year or more, public restrooms are where the ROI of low-flows truly shine. Think of how many people use these toilets every day and the expensive water bills incurred by commercial businesses and municipalities.

The first low-flow toilets were not nearly as efficient as those made today. Developments such as pressure-assisted flushing (pressured air is utilized inside the tank to push the water down more forcefully) and wider trapways allow for more powerful flushes that use much less water than in conventional toilets. Some now feature mini motors (such as Kohler’s Purist Hatbox) that are equipped with an electrical pump to further reduce water use.

The plumbing pros at The Pampering Plumber can help you install new low-flow toilets in your home. Call us today for more information on what products are available.