Keep Your Electric Water Heater Under Warranty

The electric water heater that has been installed in your home has been pre-set at the factory to heat your water to 120 degrees. Water temperature above 125 degrees can cause severe scalding. The Pampering Plumber cannot make any adjustments to your thermostat under warranty or otherwise. Please be advised that the farther away from the water heater a fixture is, the longer it will take for hot water to arrive. If you suddenly find yourself with no hot water, please check your electrical panel to verify that the breaker has not been tripped.

Please review the manufacturer’s instructions and warranty for your water heater. This literature will contain warranty and maintenance information for your specific heater, as most units have a manufacturer’s warranty on the electrical parts of two years. If the water heater tank should rupture between years one and five, most manufacturers will replace the tank free of charge. Please note that the manufacturer offers these warranties and any labor will be chargeable to the homeowner.