Install a Vacuum Breaker to Prevent Water Contamination

All hose bibs (faucets to which you can connect a hose) on your home are required by plumbing code to have a vacuum breaker installed. A vacuum breaker’s purpose is to prevent contamination of your water supply from an outside source. For example, if the end of a garden hose is laying in a mud puddle, the vacuum breaker would prevent the contaminated water from flowing back into your home. If a spray attachment is connected to your hose and left in the “off” position, while the hose bib itself is turned on, you may hear a loud vibration or whining noise throughout your home. These sounds indicate that the vacuum breaker is doing its job. Simply turn off the hose bib to alleviate the noise.

If you have any questions about vacuum breakers or other plumbing items, contact your local plumber today.