What Effect Does Hard Water Have on My Bathroom Plumbing?

Hard water is a very common problem here in Florida thanks in large part to the underground aquifers we source our water from. Hard water has a high level of suspended minerals, usually magnesium and calcium. Fortunately, hard water is generally fine to drink, but it can taste bad. It also makes it very hard to work up a good lather with your soap.

Unfortunately, you still need to find a way to treat your hard water. Our plumbers in Tampa, Fla., have found that hard water has a negative effect on your home’s plumbing over time. The only way to lessen that is to have us install a whole-house water softening system.

What Damage Does Hard Water Do?

Hard water will leave calcium deposits on your plumbing system. On the most basic level, this creates unattractive calcium buildup on your water fixtures. You can actually tell that you have hard water in your home by looking for the characteristic flaky yellow or off-white buildup that will start to show up on your sinks, faucets, and shower heads. While this isn’t very pleasant looking, it is far from the biggest problem hard water creates.

Buildup Everywhere

The buildup you see on the outside of your fixtures is only one small part of the overall buildup that is occurring in your plumbing in Tampa. Your entire plumbing system is accumulating calcium deposits over time, reducing the amount of water that you can pump through your pipes into and out of your home. Calcium deposits are unlikely to completely block your pipes, but they can reduce your available water flow, dramatically decrease your water pressure, and increase the likelihood that you will have clogs and leaks.

Our Tampa plumbers note that one of the easiest ways to notice that you have a build-up issue is to take a look at your shower head. You will likely see some external calcium buildup, but you may also notice that individual nozzles will stop working or begin to spray water in odd directions. This is because these nozzles are blocked by buildup.

Hot Water Heater Issues

Hard water will also ultimately lead to issues with your Tampa hot water heater. Calcium buildups within your hot water heater will encourage corrosion, which can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your hot water heater and may even cause it to leak or fail completely.

If you discover that you have issues with hard water in your Tampa home, you need to have The Pampering Plumber come and install a full-home water softening system to avoid the potential issues hard water can cause.