Common Plumbing Problems

With Florida’s warm climate, it is always a great time to be outdoors with family and friends, cooking out as the kids play in the sprinklers or the pool. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Water Conservation

Heat can lead to the need for water restrictions such as specific times that you should run your sprinklers and wash your cars. Check with your city officials and see what the guidelines are for your area. You should also do your part by having your plumber fix any leaky pipes or hoses to avoid excessive use of water resources.

Cooking and the Garbage Disposal

It is not much fun to end the day after a great BBQ party by dealing with a broken garbage disposal. Take the advice of your professional Tampa Bay plumbers and don’t put cornhusks, banana peels, or other “stringy” foods down the disposal. Also avoid pouring grease and oils down the pipes, as this can lead to unnecessary clogging. If you do find yourself with a sink-related problem, call Pampering Plumber so you can go back to having fun.

Washing Machine Woes

When we get hot and sweaty, we change our clothes more often. All this additional laundry increases the wear-and-tear to our washing machines. Follow your washing machine manufacturer’s instructions and use the proper detergent for your model of machine. If you find a leak in your washing machine hoses, call us right away to keep from adding additional costs to your water bill.

Flushing Away Your Blues

With the holidays approaching you may have more guests visit to enjoy the Florida weather and children out of school. This increases the usage of your toilet and can lead to more leaks and clogs.  Talk to your kids about the proper amount of toilet paper to use. If you find that you have a clog that some elbow grease and a plunger can’t fix, call Pampering Plumber.

It is always a great idea to take some preventative steps for better plumbing. Give Pampering Plumber a call, and we’ll be happy to do a thorough inspection of your plumbing so that leaks and clogs don’t end up interrupting your fun!