Common Causes of Bathroom Clogs

By far the most common issue that our Tampa plumbers are called out to take care of is clogged bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers. Bathrooms are notorious for clogging, and many households will deal with at least one clogged bathroom drain once every year. Some of these clogs can easily be cared for by using a basic sink plunger, but others require the knowledge of a skilled Tampa plumber. These are some of the most frequent causes of bathroom clogs that we see:


Hair has the tendency to accumulate over time, especially in our drains. It gets trapped in the sludge and gunk that naturally lines pipes, settles down in the p-trap of your pipes and starts to tangle and accumulate. Plumbers have to use specialized drain snakes to remove the thick clogs hair causes.

Soap Scum

Soap scum is still one of the leading causes of buildup in drain pipes, to the point where it can block up a drain completely. Soap scum also creates acidic chemical compounds as it sits on your drain pipe, and these compounds can damage your pipes’ interior. Chemical drain cleaners can worsen this damage, so it is crucial for you to call our Tampa plumbing service.

Small Objects

If you have children, pets, or even a slightly clumsy spouse, you know how easy it is for small objects to mysteriously find their way into your sink or drain. We often are able to catch these before they make it too far down the drain, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Our Tampa commercial plumbers can help you to find the object that is clogging your drain and extract it so that your drain will work properly. Even if the object you know fell into the drain is small enough to let water get through, you should have a plumber extract it so that it does not build up material and cause a clog.

Do Not Use Chemical Drain Cleaner

Some homeowners assume that the way to handle any clog in their bathroom drains is to attack it with a store-bought chemical drain cleaner. Unfortunately, this is the very worst decision these homeowners could make. These chemicals are highly acidic, and they are extremely harmful to drain pipes. These chemicals also create toxic fumes as they work, which can lead to them harming your family. Instead of using these unsafe chemicals, call your friendly Tampa plumbers at The Pampering Plumber instead.