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Common Causes of Bathroom Clogs

By far the most common issue that our Tampa plumbers are called out to take care of is clogged bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers. Bathrooms are notorious for clogging, and many households will deal with at least one clogged bathroom drain once every year. Some of these clogs can easily be cared for by using a basic sink plunger, but others require the knowledge of a skilled Tampa plumber. These are some of the most frequent causes of bathroom clogs that we see:

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What To Ask Your Plumber

You can hardly wait to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen with a new sink, bathtub or shower, but for the majority of homeowners, these kinds of projects are best left to someone who has had extensive experience in the field. Thanks to the Internet, you can find dozens of local plumbing contractors eager to take your next job within seconds, but how do you know which one to hire?

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Your Water Heater’s Duration

Hot water is a feature of modern living that most people take for granted. Our plumbing pros at The Pampering Plumber want to stress the importance of preventative maintenance, particularly with respect to your home’s hot water system, to make sure the heated H2O in your house keeps flowing.

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Plumbing Terms To Know

Like most conversations between layman and experts, speaking to a plumbing contractor can seem daunting and confusing. After years of working in a specific field or industry, it is only natural for people to speak in so-called foreign technical languages. Many professionals have a hard time communicating in a way that the average person will understand, although this is one skill everyone should work to master.

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Plumbing with PVC Pipes

For the longest time, copper was used as the primary residential and commercial Tampa plumbing material, and for many good reasons. This metal is highly resistant to corrosion and can handle cold and hot temperatures very well. Most older homes that have not had their plumbing lines updated still feature copper tubing, but a more affordable alternative has dominated the modern housing market: PVC.

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Outdoor Plumbing Problems

While indoor plumbing issues typically get more attention, outdoor plumbing issues can end up being the source of major water bills, flooding, and even damage to your home and property. It is not often easy to discover the source of these issues on your own, which is why we always recommend that you call out one of our skilled plumbers to diagnose and fix the issue when you first notice it. Click here to read more »

The Plumbing Checklist for Homeowners

One of the best ways for homeowners in Tampa to keep their plumbing costs at bay is to take steps to prevent plumbing problems from happening and to discover any potential problem as early as possible. Routine maintenance visits from our Tampa plumbing service are the best way to become aware of issues early, but you can also do your own rudimentary inspections. Click here to read more »

Signs of a Ruptured Water Line

Without the water line that brings in fresh water to your home from the municipal system, you do not have any kind of plumbing system at all — you just have empty pipes running air. If the water line ruptures, you could lose running water to your home entirely, and you certainly will lose significant money due to all of the water that will end up wasted.

Our licensed plumbers want you to be able to catch a ruptured water line as quickly as possible, so they’ve come up with a list of signs to look out for. If you see any of these signs, call our Tampa plumbing service immediately! Click here to read more »

What Effect Does Hard Water Have on My Bathroom Plumbing?

Hard water is a very common problem here in Florida thanks in large part to the underground aquifers we source our water from. Hard water has a high level of suspended minerals, usually magnesium and calcium. Fortunately, hard water is generally fine to drink, but it can taste bad. It also makes it very hard to work up a good lather with your soap.

Unfortunately, you still need to find a way to treat your hard water. Our plumbers in Tampa, Fla., have found that hard water has a negative effect on your home’s plumbing over time. The only way to lessen that is to have us install a whole-house water softening system. Click here to read more »

Tips To Save Water This Summer

Everyone wants to do their part to conserve water even if it’s just to save on their water bills. Summer can be a particularly difficult time to do this though, because the heat means we need to use more water to keep our plants alive and ourselves clean. Our experienced plumbers have a few tips on how you can save water despite the heat this summer.

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