2015 NAECA Water Heater Efficiency Standards

As of April 16th, 2015, there are new energy efficiency requirements per the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). They call for all water heaters, including residential electric, gas, tankless, and oil water heaters to have a higher energy factor rating. (The higher the energy factor, the higher the efficiency of the unit). These new energy efficiency standards were put in place in an effort to alleviate the strain on the national power grid. These changes are projected to eliminate enough emissions that are equivalent to 33.8 million automobiles!

What Homeowners Need to Know

  • This means saving more money! Water Heating costs account for approximately 17% of your total home energy use.
  • The newer models (electric and gas) will differ slightly in size (Approximately 2 inches taller and wider) If space is limited, this may mean your newer water heater will need to be moved to a different location or you may need to change to a smaller sized unit.
  • There will no longer be residential electric water heaters over 55 gallons available. Any water heater over 55 gallons are required to be “hybrid” water heaters. These hybrid water heaters utilize a heat pump to increase efficiency.
  • All residential gas water heaters over 55 gallons are required to have a condensing water heater type design.
  • These more efficient water heaters require additional parts during production which will increase the costs of new units. But, the idea is that the increase will pay for itself with the amount you’ll be saving in utility cost
  • Be sure to hire a licensed and insured Tampa plumbing company. They know all about the new requirements and are able to provide you with your best options.



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